Video Case Study

Gabucci, Bath: video and content SEO

This case study focusses on the role of video and photography in SEO, with some attention also being given to technical SEO. Optimised content is regularly added.

Gabucci Bath

Gabucci is a menswear shop situated on Milsom Street, once a fashionable Georgian thoroughfare, and now home to many stylish and distinctive retailers.  

The shop was voted one of the most beautiful stores in Britain by Menswear Magazine.

The owner, Ali, and his staff offer a highly personal service, focussed on meeting the precise requirements of their customers, many of whom return year after year to benefit from Ali’s experienced eye and exceptional stock of fine European tailoring and fashion.

We built the website to showcase the individuality of the brands, the owner and the location. Key to this was the addition of video.

The site now features around a dozen videos spread over a number of pages. Video is extremely and increasingly effective for SEO and a good user experience. We have used both brand and our own video. On the home page the owner explains about the shop and his approach to colour, fit and service.

We started adding a combination of original and brand supplied video with the Autumn stock in September 2018 and site visitors immediately doubled. By Christmas of 2018 visitors had increased by fourfold. The website is succeeding in attracting new customers and enhancing the shopping experience of existing customers, leading to further purchases.

We have just added the images and video for Spring 2019.

Written content contains fat tail and long tail keywords to reflect the niche nature of the business and we are producing our own schema mark-up to facilitate local searches

All photography is fully optimised and features images supplied by the brands in addition to original photography, including product photography, produced by us.

We are also developing the site further in terms of technical SEO by preparing it to work as an AMP (accelerated mobile pages) site with e-commerce for Autumn 2019.

For user experience, accessibility and for search optimisation we add ‘closed captions’ to videos, and transcripts (below). The cc button on a video displays the dialogue in a form search engines can read as well as humans.

So is everything about colours in this shop. We always try to be a little bit different, unique, and little bit cheerful because the guys, they intend to go for something a little bit different. They don’t mind showing off. They don’t mind actually presenting themselves very similar to Europeans or Italians. They like to see the colours, the patterns, and the fit. We always make sure it fits you right before you actually leave the premises. So if you’re happy, you come back.

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