SEO content audit

Content SEO Audit

Content that is relevant and useful for humans is also search engine friendly.

Google is now subtle enough to derive meaning from copy written for humans utilising keywords.

Search engines, as well as site visitors, need to know the nature of your company, the range of what it offers and what is special about it so that it can be offered up on search related queries.

Keywords alone are not the answer to either search engines or human site visitors. Nor is content that is scraped or cut and pasted, as this will add nothing to your SEO. Engaging, readable, informative content that is fully optimised, fits with your overall marketing strategy and reflects your company’s ethos will help drive organic SEO.

As a first stage, a content audit will focus on the quality of content your site provides. We would look to remove and replace outdated content, check and optimise internal links, carry out backlink analysis and identify web pages with high SEO potential.

Research and analysis

Using research and analysis in addition to a variety of SEO Tools we would seek to identify technical issues such as –

  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Missing or duplicate titles
  • Missing or duplicate H1s
  • Insufficient or duplicate content
  • Insufficient Keyword density
  • Poor Keyword focus
  • Page Status errors


Keywords – identifying and including correct keywords within the content on your site will greatly improve organic SEO performance. They will aid both visibility and relevance. We carry out competitor analysis which includes researching the keywords your competitors are utilising and how they are performing.

We consider –

  • Head keywords
  • Body keywords
  • Fat tail keywords
  • Long tail keywords