Content Case Study

J A Burke Construction, Birmingham: website, technical and content SEO

This case study involves website build, technical SEO, photography and video and written content.

J A Burke Birmingham

J A Burke has been successfully trading for over 25 years and has built long standing relationships with some of the leading construction companies across the UK.

The company had reached a point where it realised that it now needed to communicate its success and values to a wider public.

As a family run business with an ethos of looking after the training, wellbeing and safety of its employees it was also thought important to create a website that staff and workers could look to for news about the company and its charitable and community involvements.

Little had been done in either of these capacities over the years as the company had a significant repeat customer base and a reputation built upon personal recommendation. We wrote and built the website to their specification which showcased the company’s achievements, ethos and aspirations, with the potential to add as much content as they wished.

We produced and compiled a short video talking to apprentices and their colleagues about working in the construction industry and for J A Burke in particular.

We wrote two cornerstone articles that reflected the company’s particular interests as well as having a wider relevance to the construction industry.

We also optimised and added events and community projects the company is engaged in. In future the the company will add their own content and articles using the site’s built in content management system.

It is still very early days in terms of Organic SEO but by the cumulative inclusion of original content and the utilisation of SEO Tools, keyword research and building backlinks, we are confident that awareness of J A Burke and its solid reputation will be increased and enhanced. 

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