Link building

Outreach, backlinks and link building

At one time it was useful to have backlinks from any source but since Google rolled out its Penguin algorithm this is no longer the case. Now, links need to be from good quality sites and show relevance to you and your business.

Backlinks are one of the most important search engine ranking factors and link building is a crucial part of any SEO campaign.

A site appraisal would include weeding out bad links which Google may penalise and which would cause your site problems. Paid links, too many reciprocal links, links from blog networks – these would all be the kind of links to avoid. It is always best to play safe and avoid questionable links so that your link profile appears natural and organic and pleasing to search engines.

We use a variety of SEO Tools such as MOZ and SEM Rush to analyse your backlinks and those of your competitors.

There may be opportunities for you to link to sites already linked to them which will help your link building and devalue theirs. It is also worth approaching journals and organisations linked to them as part of your outreach strategy.

We also use SEO Tools to ensure your Anchor Text is a mixture of naked URL’s; exact match; brand and generic text so that it appears natural to search engines.

Continuing outreach and fresh, informative content in all its many forms is part of the ongoing process of link building.