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SEO for Small Businesses

SEO can be sold as deceptively simple – a few well placed keywords – or overwhelmingly complex – programming that uses incomprehensible jargon. Yet SEO is key to marketing your company, putting your products or services in front of a wider, interested audience, so getting to grips with it is a necessity, not an option.

SEO has developed so that it now encompasses both technical and content elements. We have expertise and experience across both these areas so that we can handle all aspects of SEO for you. From making sure that your website is fit for SEO purpose, to creating original content that both people and search engines like.

Because nowadays, this is what SEO is – not a quick fix, but an ongoing strategy that is cumulative and yields mounting visibility over time. Done properly it is a key factor in promoting business growth and increased profitability.

A Basic Guide to SEO

Technical SEO forms the foundation on which to build, it means that your website is constructed correctly to allow SEO to happen – there are no errors, conflicts or duplications. It’s an essential part of a website’s construction but ongoing work may be required in response to updates from Google or developments within your business.

Once issues have been addressed and rectified we move on to develop an ongoing strategy designed to yield progressive results.

At Houndstreet, we carry out an initial audit to show where any technical problems lie and cover areas such as – site architecture, speed optimisation, keyword cannibalisation, canonicalisation, pagination, HTML markup and so on. Heady stuff indeed to our developers who go there so you don’t have to.

Once the technical side is running smoothly it’s time to turn to content. 

Google (other search engines are available) are looking for original content that is both relevant to what you are offering, and interesting. Google likes content that people like, so keywords should form an integral part of the content but not detract from it. If people like your content they’ll stay on your website longer, maybe make a purchase or two or sign up to a newsletter. They won’t bounce away to your competitors. This will help your ranking.

Stellar blog content will be shared, resulting in backlinks from influential bodies and individuals which in turn will show Google that your content is interesting and authoritative. This results in higher rankings which in turns drives more of the right visitors to your site.

Whilst all of this is necessary for business growth it is incredibly time consuming and, frankly, many businesses would rather get on with running their business.

Before you throw the towel in altogether consider this – we, at Houndstreet, love producing content. It’s meat (or halloumi) and drink to us. We produce written content and, through Serious Content, video, and we will work with you to show the strengths of your company and what it has to offer to the right people.

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